“There is more useful data and information to help guide a seller to
pricing their home properly than in any other program I have seen.”

Amy Pomerantz

The Amy Pomerantz Group, Keller Williams

RealPrice is an easy-to-use, web-based application.

Here’s how it works…



Basic Steps (3 minutes)

  • Enter your client’s name and address.
  • Enter a trial price for the listing. (Not required for Buyer client.)
  • Enter the subject address or MLS number.
  • RealPrice searches MLS.
  • Modify or accept search results.
  • Choose comparables.
  • RealPrice displays CMA results along with supporting calculations,
    comp evaluation tables, reasonability tests and all the market data.

Finish Up

  • Make additional comparable adjustments if desired.
  • Export report PDF(s).
  • Impress your client with your knowledge, experience and professionalism.

Great product for the RE novice or experienced agent.

A time saver plus …It is quite detailed which just gives you that much more authority when presenting the data to listing prospects/clients.

Highly recommend it.

Tim McBrayer

Broker, The Jim Allen Group

“RealPrice enables me to quickly and easily determine the right price for a property.
Providing accurate pricing creates clients for life!”

Mark Thomas

President, Mark Thomas Properties

Would you like your CMA estimates to be more accurate?


RealPrice will definitely help you to be more accurate. (And it's FAST! )