Hear from the people who use RealPrice...

I’ve been a user and advocate of RealPrice for more than five years.  Real estate agents are continually being asked to buy products or software applications that can enhance their productivity or differentiate them from other agents in the market.

Of all the products, applications and services that I’ve seen during my years in the real estate business, RealPrice is the real deal! RealPrice helps me provide to my seller and buyer clients a comprehensive report that surpasses anything in the market.

It’s easy to learn, easy to use and provides a market analysis that is thorough and easy to understand with explanations of the graphs and charts located on each page.

I’m confident you’ll find RealPrice to be the best CMA tool for real estate agents available today.

Gary Clark

Broker In Charge, Howard Perry & Walston Realtors at North Hills

This is a wonderful product. I wouldn’t be writing this endorsement if I didn’t think so. I have been an agent for 25+ years and I know that we need tools that help us to be the best we can be.

There is more useful data and information to help guide a seller to pricing their home properly than in any other program I have seen. It is a great confidence builder and it is easy to use.

Your clients will see you as you deserve to be seen; a real expert in those areas of pricing and market information that are most important to them at a time when they are making very important decisions.

Amy Pomerantz

Owner, The Amy Pomerantz Group

RealPrice® gives me a great competitive advantage because it is so unique and easy to use!

When I was a new to the business, RealPrice® boosted my confidence by making me a quick expert on my target market and an effective presenter to the clients with its data-rich yet easy-to-understand reports.

One of my clients even used the RealPrice information to get her home’s tax value adjusted. I continue to have much success getting listings using RealPrice.

With RealPrice®, I was able to get the listings easily, and in the one case where I didn’t use it, I lost the listing. It is a great program and worth the price!

Karyn Cho

Broker, Real Estate Experts

My office now has more than 35 agents signed up to be able to use the software. The agents swear by it.

Susan Holbrook

Broker in Charge, Sr. Vice Pres., Coldwell Banker Howard Perry & Walston

I’ve been using RealPrice for many years.  RealPrice enables me to quickly and easily determine the right price for a property.   Providing accurate pricing creates clients for life!

Mark K. Thomas

President, Mark Thomas Properties

RealPrice takes the data and presents it in understandable charts and numbers. It is comprehensive and eliminates pricing objections.

Who can argue with the real numbers when they are presented like this? RealPrice makes us look like rock stars that are on top of our game.

Claudette Anderson

President, ERealty and Associates

I like the professional presentation, accuracy, flexibility of selecting the comps or allowing RealPrice to do so, ease of making adjustments, and the quality of information provided in the graphs.

Tim Mock

Broker, Coldwell Banker

RealPrice is like magic.

Victoria Riddell

Broker, Coldwell Banker

Great product for the RE novice or experienced agent.

A time saver plus they are always working to make it easier to use and more automatic in terms of selecting comps. It is quite detailed which just gives you that much more authority when presenting the data to listing prospects/clients.

Highly recommend it.

Tim McBrayer

Broker, The Jim Allen Group