“I like the professional presentation, accuracy, flexibility of selecting the comps or allowing RealPrice to do so, ease of making adjustments, and the quality of information provided in the graphs.”

Tim Mock

Broker, Coldwell Banker

The Benefits of Using RealPrice

1. Strong, Reliable CMA

2. All Relevant Market Information

3. Price Limits & Penalties

4. Minimum Data Entry

5. Total Agent Control

6. Professional Quality Reports

7. Informed Clients

Reliable CMA

RealPrice calculates 5 different values for the subject home, including the traditional CMA average. The others are a CMA Median, a value based on adjusted price per square foot, a relative reconstructed value and an appreciated value. These serve to reinforce the CMA average and give the agent confidence in his/her analysis. That confidence inspires the clients’ confidence in the agent.

All Relevant Market Information

RealPrice calculates and displays a all the market information at the same time it is calculating the CMA results. That is critical, because we all know that correct pricing requires much more than just a CMA. You will have over 30 full color charts and graphs, together with tables and descriptive information of neighborhood stats, market trends, sales history, inventory, market position, a pricing checklist and much more. RealPrice even prints a record of the assumptions you used and the backup data for the calculations so you have it if you need it…and all of this information is developed for the specific types of homes in the specific MLS area, subdivision, map radius, school district or any other area that you choose, so it it is all highly relevant to your client and specific to his situation.

Price Limits and Penalties

RealPrice produces an additional report that identifies correct and incorrect pricing levels for the local area that is specific to the subject. At the agents’ option this would be the neighborhood, subdivision, zip code, school district, map area, whatever local area that the agent decides is most relevant to the subject. Real Price then identifies the safest and most profitable list price limits relative to the CMA value and calculates the actual days on market penalty and specific dollar losses against market price for violating those limits. This report is unique to RealPrice and presents very clear and credible information to the client that definitively answers the “Why can’t we price it higher?” question.

Minimum Data Entry

The only user data entry actually required to run a RealPrice analysis is the street address of the subject and, for listing clients, a trial price. That is it for required data entry. The client name and address (for the report cover) and previous sales date and price for the subject is useful, but is optional. The user input from then on is to make selections in check boxes or modifications to values for certain optional adjustments. RealPrice eliminates all of the unproductive data entry time, all of the manual calculations and corrections and all of the presentation prep. The time saved enables the agent to review and perfect his analysis and improve his analytical and valuation skills, which is all very impressive to clients.

Total Agent Control of the Process

RealPrice has automated all calculations and processes and uses several unique default systems, but unlike AVM’s, RealPrice enables the agent to control the entire process. Everything from selecting the raw data, choosing comparables, making adjustments, changing default values and editing the data is available. This gives RealPrice a unique combination of speed and flexibility so that the user is not boxed in by arbitrary results.

Professional, High Quality Reports

RealPrice is designed to enable the agent to present what he or she already knows about the marketplace and to discover what he doesn’t know. There are three reports: The Full Report of 30 or so pages, which contains all the charts, tables, photographs, descriptive information and backup data is fully customizable with color themes, logos and pictures, and printing options; a Summary Report of 12 pages which contains the most relevant information from the full report; and a separate Price Limits Report, which is described above. These reports serve as a high quality work product representing the agents’ knowledge and experience, are readily accepted and appreciated by clients and establish a high degree of credibility and confidence in the agent.

Successfully Guide Clients to an Informed Decision

RealPrice agents can clearly demonstrate the specific consequences of bad pricing decisions, right down to the additional market time and the actual dollars lost. And because they have a coherent and comprehensive presentation of the relevant market data needed to make the right pricing decision, RealPrice agents are far less likely to be stuck with a listing that won’t sell or a buyer client who is frustrated in his negotiation to purchase because that listing client or that buyer client made the wrong pricing or negotiating decision.